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MOXIE ENTERPRISES is proudly the most sought after name in the field of Medical Instruments. Since its birth, the aim of our company has been to utilize all its energies, manpower and technology towards developing superior quality instruments, with special emphasis on them being technically precise as well as user friendly. In order to serve the interest and meet the requirement of our customers, we endeavor to the best of our abilities to improve our existing line and also introduce new products.
MOXIE ENTERPRISES is located 12 Km outside the city of Sialkot, which has been a major manufacturing center for Surgical Instruments since years. We specialize in the production of instruments. From our base in Pakistan, We are serving people in the Medical profession in virtually every country through our well established dealer’s network.
MOXIE ENTERPRISES has grown from a small-scale company since its establishment in 2004 to a large scale Company. This has been achieved due to the presence of a skilled and motivated group of people who, through their utmost dedication, have helped produce premium quality products.

Our Quality Standards

We understand the importance of quality in the manufacturing process. That is why we maintain a total quality improvement process in manufacturing throughout our company. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most modern machinery to attain the highest our perfection of quality. A number of innovative processes are incorporated to control production of critical components that can often make the difference between a good product and a great one. Processes in the manufacturing and throughout the company are continually reviewed through our total quality management process, not only to maximize productivity, but also to guarantee that products and services meet the highest standards. As a result, we have attained ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Certification, are cGMP complaint firm and have the CE mark, confirming the quality standard of our products.

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